Netflix and Chilled Items...

What better than combining our favourite Netflix Series and chilled items available in our fridge!! Our top three of each…

Netflix series we can’t get enough of…

1) Money Heist

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 11.14.48.png

Yes, it’s subtitled, but if you can get over that (in our humble opinion the best films in the world have subtitles; Pan’s Labyrinth, City of God, anything by Pedro Almodovar), then you’re in for a real treat. Beautifully shot, perfectly cast, full of suspense, incredible characters and even a series two just out, it’s an absolute belter of a modern heist movie.

2) The Thick Of It


Whilst this was written as a political satire, it’s scarily close to real life given the political goings on on Westminster at present. We watched the entire four series over the last 4 weeks and can safely say that it’s the one programme that makes me and Mrs F laugh out loud every couple of minutes. Not many comedies can do that these days… We also recommend the writer’s (Armando Iannucci) work; Alan Partridge, Veep and The Day Today.

3. Last Chance U

Screenshot 2019-09-27 at 11.32.35.png

Whilst technically this is a sports documentary, the real focus is much more complex and deals with issues such as poverty, underprivilege and struggle, leadership style, misplaced dreams and the dangers of putting all your eggs in one basket. Again, beautifully shot, access all areas and no punches pulled (including rather colourful language throughout - if you’re easily offended, best not to)!!

Chilled Items We Can’t Get Enough Of…

  1. Gubbeen Chorizo €3.75 for 125g

gubbeen chorizo.jpg

We just can’t get enough of this amazing chorizo, and judging by sales, neither can you!! Made by Fingal Ferguson, who set up the Gubbeen Smokehouse back in 2000, it’s taken many years of trial and error to come up with some of the most delicious cured meats you can happen to come across.

There are two different types we sell, fully and semi cured. The above is the semi cured (slightly softer) and hence shouldn’t be eaten unless cooked. It’s perfect for the base of casseroles, baked or just grilled! The firmer, fully cured version is perfect to eat just sliced straight off, or pop it on top of pizza. The real beauty, we believe, lies in the fact that it contains fennel. We blooming love fennel!!

2. Golfera Diced Pancetta 160g €2.95

golfera diced pancetta.jpg

What can we say about this other than when it’s cooked in a pan (along with onions) it’s the most amazing smell. I honestly don’t think that the finest perfumeries in Paris can come up with anything that arouses as much stimulation of the senses than these guys!! Basically use it anywhere that you would use bacon or streaky bacon in a recipe. Check out our pasta recipe that uses this amazing ingredient via this link

3. Madeo N’Duja €5.50


Pronounced “N-Doo-Ya” this is one of the hottest trending (and tasting) products out there right now. There isn’t a Michelin Star tasting menu that doesn’t dabble in some way or other with it and for good reason; it’s just SO TASTY! Best not to ask what’s in it (in the same way that you don’t want to know the ingredients of haggis) but it’s very spicy and has a pasty texture. This makes it perfect for adding to pasta sauces to melt through, spread on top of bread or toast, or my personal favourite, use as a topper for pizza to melt in and give a meaty, spicy kick!! It’s keeps really well in the fridge also - just clingfilm what’s left and it should be good for 2 or 3 weeks.