The Delter Coffee Brewer (oo ah push it)...

The Kickstarter fund-raising platform, whilst a fantastic source of funding for some great products,* is also awash with junk. Loads of terrible ideas with sexy, expensive video promotions, but which ultimately end in tears and unfulfilled orders.

Coffee brewers and accessories are prime candidates for the Kickstarter graveyard, but in this instance we have a product which started there, but is destined for big things! Rarely do we get excited about a new brewing device, but this one is the biggest seller this year from the distributor we buy them from!!

How does it work? Well, it’s bit like an aeropress, but rather than being an immersion brewing technique (ie the extraction of coffee takes place via the water and coffee grounds sitting immersed together for a long period of time) it’s a percolation technique. This means that the water passes through the coffee grounds as opposed to sitting alongside them.

What difference does this make versus an Aeropress? You’ll tend to notice that the Delter produces what’s known as a “cleaner” cup of coffee. No, we don’t mean the other is “dirty,” rather it means that the body is a little lower and the clarity (in terms of decipherable flavours) and acidity are stronger.

The brewer is available in store now, is €37.50 and more info on how to use it is in the video below! If you’d like to try before you buy, you can order a coffee in the cafe brewed with this contraption!!!

*the Pebble watch - which I actually own - and loved before it stopped being supported with updates and “exploding kittens” - look them up

Richard Finney