Top 3 Reds For Father's Day

I’m going to be stupidly presumptive and say that men only like red wine. I put my hand up to admit that this is wrong, but I don’t give a damn and I’m indulging my current dislike of over the top political correctness and “my susceptibility to take offence is more important than your right to free thought” ideas that seem to prevail these days…. aaahhhh…. that felt good….. anyhoo…..

Top 3 Red Wines for Father’s Day…

il bucco smaller.jpg

1. Il Bucco Montepulciano


Again, under the sweeping generalisation of men liking bigger, full bodied wines, we’ll start with one that won’t break the bank.

Montepulciano grape wines are generally phenomenal value and just darned delicious. Red wines can generally be divided between ones that taste like “red fruits” (think Strawberry and Raspberry) and “black fruits” (think Blackberry and Blackcurrant"). This falls very much in the “black fruit” territory.

It’s the perfect TV wine and can be enjoyed with or without food due to it’s relatively low acidity and tannin levels.

An Eastern Italian delight.

equilibrio 4.jpg

Equilibrio 4 Monastrell


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, if you’re looking for great value in wine, look beyond the usual suspects (growing regions, grape varieties, etc).

If you think you’ll find a €15 Malbec that tastes like a €30 wine, you’ll be sadly wanting. Why? Because the producer will charge €30 for that Malbec. He or she will know that the market will bear that price because the market are well aware of the Malbec grape variety “brand.”

Imagine however that you’re a winemaker in a lesser known region, growing a lesser known grape; let’s say a winemaker in Jumilla, Spain, growing Monastrell grapes. Imagine also that the resulting wine is a belter and he or she thinks that the wine deserves a price tag of €25 or €30. Will they be able to command that price? From a supply side they certainly feel the quality deserves that price, however this price will only be accepted if market demand meets that price. With a lower general awareness of the grape and wine, this ain’t going to happen!

Hey presto - this is where this beauty comes in. Dark, rich and incredibly moreish. Monastrell is the equivalent to the Mourvedre grape in France which forms part of many a Chateauneuf Du Pape wine. Red and dark fruits dominate and it’s super juicy. A belter.


Apollonio Salice Salentino


Sometimes value represents itself higher up in the price food chain.

Most people only consider wines to be value when they fall within the lower price end (say €8-€12 per bottle). However, value is a relative concept and can certainly incorporate bottles nearing the €20 mark.

This wine is outright AMAZING. From the Puglia wine growing region of Southern Italy, it is a monster of a wine. Very full bodied, thick and creamy, but without the associated sickly sweetness characteristics of full bodied wines from hot climates with a higher than average alcohol level (this fella comes in at a punchy 14.5% ABV).

We nicknamed this wine “Christmas in a Bottle” due to it’s sweet spiced notes coupled with the fact that it’s a real treat!!

Richard Finney